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Concrete Lifting & Raising Services for Colorado, Utah, Wyoming & Montana

Specialized Solutions for concrete lifting, raising foundation settlement, soil stabilization, water control, and infrastructure rehabilitation.

Concrete Stabilization Technologies, Inc. is the number one specialty contractor for concrete raising in the Rocky Mountain Region dealing with settlements and clay soil problems. When it comes to Concrete Lifting, Soil Reinforcement, Void Fill, Foundation Settlement, or Heaving and Infrastructure Repair, CST is your top choice. 

We have 16 Years experience offering the patented URETEK Technologies. Concrete and foundation repairs are done “in situ”.  The Expanding Structural Polymer materials are injected from the surface and the repairs are fast, clean, cost effective, and more durable than using old technologies.  CST also offers “soil density analysis” so we can accurately identify the depth to stabilize, prevent settlement, and lift concrete and asphalt to original profile.

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